King Balif the Reaver (Dead)

Former King of Elisar




Balif always fostered a seething hatred of the drow. If one of the dark-skinned elves was captured by his forces he would personally dismember the hapless prisoner and hang each body-part from the parapets of Rift Kawl. Balif married Queen Eltyra in October of year 1160. It was a strategic marriage in order to ensure 10 fleets of warships from the continent of Q’urril. A slight creature, Eltyra died during childbirth. Her daughters were the only thing Balif ever treated with kindness. He doted on them, and trained the girls in all manner of diplomacy and warfare. Many of his subjects assumed the aging conquerer would die in battle, but he perished one day of a heart-attack on a warm summer day in his study. His body now rests in a shale tomb in the catacombs of Rift Kawl, Citidel of Kings.

King Balif the Reaver (Dead)

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