Sister Queens Ebba and Hesha

Twin Queens of Elisar


Sister queens bio


Power has been consolidated by a benevolent dynasty of twin rulers. Two sister queens, both with haunting green eyes and long brown hair. Their father, Balif the Reaver, now dead in his shale tomb. A tyrant for decades, Balif ruled with an iron fist while spoiling his lovely daughters. Showering them with affection, education, and combat training behind the high, ivy covered walls of Rift Kawl, Citadel of Kings. Found dead in his study of a heart attack, the teenage sisters were his only legacy. But because both were born at the same time, the royal council deemed it only right that both should rule, sharing power equally. At the time, fear spread through the court and surrounding provinces, city-states, and hamlets of Elisar as to the readiness of their rule. An ill-planned assassination attempt was foiled by half Queen Hesha herself, who beheaded the assassin and walked, blood covering her royal nightdress, to the walls of the castle. Hesha addressed her court in a now famous speech, sister Queen Ebba at her side. She declared “An end to our father’s tide of bloodshed, to plots against the realm, an end to discord, and to base intolerance…. This we swear.”

From then on, the lords and subjects of Elisar threw their full weight behind the Queens, swearing fealty. Now in their early 20’s, the Sister Queens are loved and revered. They have strengthened their armies 30 fold, secured the borders into Drow infested lands, and have amassed a huge wealth of power and gold, most of which has been resourced into infrastructure, agriculture, trade and arcane research. They also strengthened the council of lords and merchants, diminishing the centralization of power. Their imperial guard, Knights of the Dusk, serve honorably and keep peace in the land.

Sister Queens Ebba and Hesha

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