Dynasties of Elisar

Chapter One
The Village of Welton

The three suns bloom with laggy, languid light, staining the tattered banners and thatched cottages of Welton, a bustling nexus of trade, farming, and harmonious rural existence. Every year the spring Equinox transforms this humble, agricultural hub into a hectic fair ground. Drawn by the renowned Harvest Gods festival, travelers from all corners of Elisar converge to vie for prizes, sample local ales, haggle wears, and feast until dawn. Each year a local child is chosen to play the role of Tem, patron God of farmers. Tomorrow night is the crowning of Tem, and a much-lauded event in Western Kerradale. You move through the bustling, seething streets…
An inn across the mountains by jonhodgson d4uypx9

Welton overflows with life and bounty, especially now as the new crops have just been planted. Every year, farmers, travelers, peasants and merchants alike flock to Welton for their Harvest Gods festival and feast. The surrounding countryside blooms with trees and leaves and breathtaking fields of undulating wheat. Although quaint, the Welton locals are renowned hosts who brew the best ale and mead in Kerradale, some even say, in all of Elisar. Thriving on the money from tourism and travelers, Welton is open to strangers and wanderers. Many from distant lands have walked past the charming thatched houses and flowered gardens and never left.

It was here that our union of heroes first banded together.


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