Dynasties of Elisar

Interrogation in Rift Kawl

Throne room

Gold… gold everywhere. A vast throne room adorned with gold filigree, ivory windows intricately carved, and red silk tapestries and banners that hang from the high, marble walls. A murmuring crowd of high ranking lords and nobles gaze at you from the wings, adorned in furs and precious gems. Looking down at your body you see that you have been stripped of all your equipment and attire and the animal members of your party are gone. You are dressed only in rags, your wrists are bound to the floor with some kind of magical gold metal that seems to waver slightly, as if it’s underwater. Before you, in all their royal splendor sit the twin Sister Queens of Eliser, Ebba and Hesha. Ebba is fair and has eyes that gleam a dull green. She wears an elaborately embroidered dress studded with pearls and her long brown hair has been woven around her neck and shoulders with gold lace. Hesha looks harder and more battle-ready. She wears a complex, intricate doublet and stockings made from finely woven red velvet and gold armor plates. The royal insignia is sculpted on her breast plate and she wears an ancient sword around her waist that glows with a pale platinum energy. Her voluminous black hair flows freely over her armor. The court high Magus, a women with long willowy grey hair watches from the wings. You feel drained of your power under her stern gaze, unable to move.

Ebba confronts you. “Speak prisoners. You stand before the high court of Elisar accused of massacring the citizens of Welton. What say you? Speak!”

After flight through Blackthorn forest and an encounter with some Barghests, our heroes were captured by Rift Kawl forces and brought before the Sister Queens for judgment. Lancaster appears to be using the Welton incident as a pretext to start war with the drow of the underdark. Although Lancaster accused the PC’s of the massacre, Nobody eloquently plead their case and achieved a stay of execution. Stripped of their belongings, our heros were thrown into the dreaded Rift Kawl Oubliette. They now languish behind bars, deep under the capital city…


The Welton Harvest Gods Festival Massacre


Amidst the throbbing sway of the revelers, you hear the sound of metal, sliding across metal. It almost sounds like… swords being drawn… Sudden screams erupt in the throng. The music screeches to a halt and all that remains is the frightened whispers of the crowd. You look around, straining to see the source. Then it hits you. All the Knights of the Dusk have drawn their weapons and are lined up in attack formation at the edge of the city center. The garrison seems to have swelled. There are now 40 troops total. Lancaster Oren, Captain of the Guard, steps forward. Long brown hair, armor gleaming. Hand on the pummel of his sword. Azure, the garrison mage, drifts behind him. Cowl obscuring her face. Ashe the Elder stumbles up. “What… what is the meaning of this!? Explain yourself, Oren!!” Lancaster points at Ashe. “Seize him. Gently, please…” Two soldiers of the dusk scale the scaffold and grab the terrified old man. Lancaster speaks slowly, confidently. “Good people of Welton. Strangers from afar. We have reason to believe that a rebellion against the Sister Queens is brewing here. At this very feast. Reports have been intercepted that a powerful weapon was delivered here… powerful enough to raze the royal fortress of Rift Kawl and destroy all those inside. We must investigate and seize this weapon and all those who conspire against the crown. All those who resist will be made an example of. Any Knights or Soldiers of the Dusk who are now in attendance, please leave the civilians and rejoin the ranks of your garrison.” Ashe splutters “A weapon?? Revolt? Why that’s absurd! We—we are loyal to the Queens… we would never—“ “Quiet old man…” “I will not be quiet! And you will release us, Lancaster, or I’ll send word to your father in Ured that you have—-“ Lancaster’s pretty face darkens. He nods at the garrison mage… “Azure… would you please…” Azure steps forward, and lets her dusky, hooded robe fall to the ground. The commoners gasp in abject horror… before them stands a young Malcanthet fire demon.

Large, twisted red horns stretch from her forehead. Dark red hair spirals down her shoulders in a tangled top knot. Her eyes seethe a cold blue, face greenish red and brown, lips small and thin. Demonic runes glow yellow and orange across her flesh. Her lean limbs seethe with a penetrating heat that bathes all who look at her in sopping sweat. Light on her bare, human feet she trots across the courtyard. The peasants scatter like moths from a flame. Azure brings her hands together and generates a ball of seething flame… With a shriek she releases it at Ashe. The flaming projectile ignites both him and the nearby peasants. The ungodly fire gnaws into the old man, burning out his guts. His intestines fall to the stone street, sizzling in their own juices. Azure glides forward and grabbing his head, tears it from his shoulders with an effortless tug. Blood gushes across the horrified throng. She tosses the head on the ground and walks back to Lancaster’s side. Lancaster clears his throat, addressing the crowd. “Any questions?” The crowd explodes with fear, fleeing in all directions, desperate to escape. Lancaster sighs, turning towards his troops. “This is taking too long. The lives of our Queens hang in the balance. Kill the commoners and find the weapon. Take anyone of interest hostage for interrogation. Go on… that’s an order.” The knights hesitate, swords up. “But sir… the—“ “They’re disloyal traitors… All of them. Go on, do as your told!” One elite takes a swing, cutting down Gen, the tailor. The rest follow, falling into the fray… hacking off arms and limbs. Blood pools in the gutters. Azure leads the assault, yanking out hearts and incinerating everything in her path. An unstoppable wave of seething demonic power.

Hood of fire by tvlookplay d1pjrs0

During the battle, Azure tried to capture Dun but was thwarted by the heroes. Saba let fly a deadly arrow from her thorn tree long bow which critically wounded Lancaster Oren. Alder pulled Dun onto Rio and rode into Blackthorn Forest. Nobody diplomatically convinced the Knights of the Dusk that they were fighting on the wrong side, causing them to desert the battle. Juniper, Artex and Nobody were nearly incinerated by Azure’s fireball, but dove out of the way just in time thanks to their quick reflexes. Azure, sensing that Lancaster would perish, teleported him away, leaving the entire citizenry of Welton dead in their wake.

Chapter Two
The Ruins of Kil'Duran

You emerge from the foliage, hushed by the spectacle of a ruined, moss-infested keep. The supporting wall and ceiling of the tower has collapsed long ago, exposing the main hall to the elements. Ivy dangles along the flying buttresses and trees sprout through the marble floor. The rest of the keep is a hollowed out shell, little more than a rocky foundation. The catacomb’s entrance still appears to be intact, though. Damp, stone steps descend into a darkness under the earth.
Dungeon delve for art order by feliciacano d359us7

The PC’s plumed the depths of these fetid catacombs encountering bloodthirsty, churlish Gnoll bandits and even a Carrion Crawler, which they dispatched forthwith. They were briefly trapped in a drowning room which threatened to fill entirely with water, but solved the riddle in stone which triggered the escape mechanism. The Welton Cuckold inn-keeper had sent the PC’s here to find his missing mead, and indeed it was discovered in the gullet of an inebriated troll. Namfoodle charmed the beast long enough for the PC’s to bludgeon him to death and make it back to Welton with the brew.

“Nobody” discovered Fenwick, the living gem, in a pool of disease infested water.

Chapter One
The Village of Welton

The three suns bloom with laggy, languid light, staining the tattered banners and thatched cottages of Welton, a bustling nexus of trade, farming, and harmonious rural existence. Every year the spring Equinox transforms this humble, agricultural hub into a hectic fair ground. Drawn by the renowned Harvest Gods festival, travelers from all corners of Elisar converge to vie for prizes, sample local ales, haggle wears, and feast until dawn. Each year a local child is chosen to play the role of Tem, patron God of farmers. Tomorrow night is the crowning of Tem, and a much-lauded event in Western Kerradale. You move through the bustling, seething streets…
An inn across the mountains by jonhodgson d4uypx9

Welton overflows with life and bounty, especially now as the new crops have just been planted. Every year, farmers, travelers, peasants and merchants alike flock to Welton for their Harvest Gods festival and feast. The surrounding countryside blooms with trees and leaves and breathtaking fields of undulating wheat. Although quaint, the Welton locals are renowned hosts who brew the best ale and mead in Kerradale, some even say, in all of Elisar. Thriving on the money from tourism and travelers, Welton is open to strangers and wanderers. Many from distant lands have walked past the charming thatched houses and flowered gardens and never left.

It was here that our union of heroes first banded together. They completed many personal tasks and scoured the local merchants for goods. They also were tasked with a mission. Investigate a missing caravan on the southern trade route and clear the nearby ruins of Kil’Duran. Namfoodle, the Gnome Beguiler, paid top dollar for a Gnoll prostitute and Juniper was reunited with her three-horned goat.


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