Dynasties of Elisar

Interrogation in Rift Kawl

Throne room

Gold… gold everywhere. A vast throne room adorned with gold filigree, ivory windows intricately carved, and red silk tapestries and banners that hang from the high, marble walls. A murmuring crowd of high ranking lords and nobles gaze at you from the wings, adorned in furs and precious gems. Looking down at your body you see that you have been stripped of all your equipment and attire and the animal members of your party are gone. You are dressed only in rags, your wrists are bound to the floor with some kind of magical gold metal that seems to waver slightly, as if it’s underwater. Before you, in all their royal splendor sit the twin Sister Queens of Eliser, Ebba and Hesha. Ebba is fair and has eyes that gleam a dull green. She wears an elaborately embroidered dress studded with pearls and her long brown hair has been woven around her neck and shoulders with gold lace. Hesha looks harder and more battle-ready. She wears a complex, intricate doublet and stockings made from finely woven red velvet and gold armor plates. The royal insignia is sculpted on her breast plate and she wears an ancient sword around her waist that glows with a pale platinum energy. Her voluminous black hair flows freely over her armor. The court high Magus, a women with long willowy grey hair watches from the wings. You feel drained of your power under her stern gaze, unable to move.

Ebba confronts you. “Speak prisoners. You stand before the high court of Elisar accused of massacring the citizens of Welton. What say you? Speak!”

After flight through Blackthorn forest and an encounter with some Barghests, our heroes were captured by Rift Kawl forces and brought before the Sister Queens for judgment. Lancaster appears to be using the Welton incident as a pretext to start war with the drow of the underdark. Although Lancaster accused the PC’s of the massacre, Nobody eloquently plead their case and achieved a stay of execution. Stripped of their belongings, our heros were thrown into the dreaded Rift Kawl Oubliette. They now languish behind bars, deep under the capital city…




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