Dun Finn

A Welton Farmer's Boy




Dun always carries a rag doll with unusual properties. He gave this doll to Seba after she appeared to come to his aid. The doll can locate Dun at all times. Dun’s close childhood friend is Leila.

The big’uns don’t like me… cuzza my mark. Here… they say I’m a freak… deformed.

Dun was rescued by the heroes during the massacre of Welton. Alder took him back to his empty house to pack his belongings. In Blackthorn forest, Dun manifested strange, unearthly powers…

The Barghests snarl and growl. Blood on their fearsome fangs. Suddenly they stop. Unnerved. The air density has changed. An electrical hum courses through the clearing. You turn to see where the energy is emanating from. Dun stands there on the forest floor. Eyes wide. His hands are glowing, seething with a strange, pale energy. “Wha…what’s h-appening?” His eyes turn white, small electric arcs blazing out of them. You faintly see the outline of some huge amorphous, electrical entity hovering over him. The child lets out a shriek of pain. “Ahhhhhhhhh——“ Godly Lightening courses from his hands, blazing forward towards the Barghests.

The Barghests shriek in agony, the lightening consuming them. Flesh and fur melting. They burst into flames, evaporating, leaving scorched earth in their wake. Dun falls to the earth, gasping. The power fades from his hands. Leaving him as he was.

Dun Finn

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