A Living Gem




Fenwick’s voice appears in the mind of his owner as a shrill, effete british accent. He was discovered in the bottom of a muddy, disease infested pit by “Nobody” the human rogue. Fenwick regards “Nobody” as his master. For now.

Fenwick can speak common and drow. The ruby has an alignment of chaotic neutral. It can cast Death Knell once a day and Darkness and Faerie Fire three times a day. If it likes the PC it will cast the spells when asked nicely. If it doesn’t, it will cast darkness when the PC needs light, or Faerie Fire when they are trying to stealth.

Hello… hello in there… it’s time we got to know each other…. by the way, this satchel stinks of gnoll rot. I want a nice clean pocket… or an inlaid ring… see to it…


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