War with the Drow


The ancient and devastating war with the East Elisar Drow ripped apart the city states and tainted the fourth dynasty with a deluge of black and red blood.

Although tensions always brewed between the subterranean spider worshiping dark elves and the human dominated surface dwellers, the true start of the conflict was over a massacre that occurred on the border between western and eastern Elisar. According to the human militia and townsfolk on the border, serving under King Lydon the Just, the drow serged from tunnels in the ground and slaughtered everything in their path without mercy. Cutting a three mile swath through the provence of Kathen. Men, women, and children fell under their twisted obsidian blades. This massacre lasted until dawn the next day, leaving devastation and anguish in its wake. According to drow emissaries, a high priestess of Loth was kidnapped on the eve of her initiation by a band of human knights and malitia. The emissary claimed that although the priestess fought valiantly, she was raped, tortured, and murdered by the knights. The massacre was a response to that incident. The human malita and knights in question were never found, so this could not be verified.

King Lydon the Just responded to the Kathen slaughter with an all out assault on the Drow underdark, burrowing tunnels into the earth and burning everything they found. Included in the destruction was an ancient dark elf temple to Loth that had existed for millions of years. The drow responded with precision based attacks on towns and settlments through out western Elisar. Enormous spiders would burrow up from the ground, caving in the city states, issuing forth thousends of drow lizard riders. The drow would slaughter everything in their path, constructing gruesome towers of severed heads which they left behind.

At that time, Balif the Reaver was simply Prince Balif. He rose to high esteam in his father’s eyes by his viscious assaults on the drow underdark. Balif pioneered the technique of using arcane fire magic charges to shatter the bedrock over subturranian drow cities, bringing down tons of rock and earth on top of hapless dark elf inhabitants. One such assault resulted in the death of three million drow citizens.

Eventually, King Lydon struck an alliance with the Dwarf and Gnome city states. With new fangled dwarven technology, Lydon overwhelmed the drow forces and forced a surrender from High Lady H’keharritol, supreme commander of the drow empire. Lady H’keharritol actually appeared in the court of Rift Kawl to sign the peace treaty. Witnesses say she was dressed in a long, flowing black vale, stitched with four million tiny spiders to represent the four million drow lives lost in the bloody three decade long conflict.

What remained of the eastern elisar drow race reforged a new underdark in hitherto unknown tunnels of Elisar and were rarely seen again. No one knows if Lady H’keharritol still lives. Regardless, these new drow almost never come to the surface. Very rarely a nomadic eastern Elisar trader claims to have a connection to the new underdark, but few believe it to be true.

Of late, rumors are spreading that a new generation of drow have rebuilt their forces and are staging strategic attacks on merchants along the eastern trade routes, but these rumors are unsubstantiated.

- Baron Geld, Rift Kawl Historian

War with the Drow

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